There are multiple ways to include the SaveLoader to your project. First of all download the SaveLoader.blend from BlenderArtist.

  1. The simplest way is copy the internal scripts and to your projekt.
  2. Another way is to append the above files from the SaveLoader.blend file.
  3. A third way is to save these files to disk.
  4. The forth way is described here: Linking the SaveLoader as library
  • Start with the default file (with the cube at 0,0,0).
  • Save the blend to file (this allows to use relative paths).
  • Open the Append menu <shift><F1>.
  • Enable "Link". The difference to "Append" is that you do not get a full copy of the linked element. You update the linked element without touching all the files that link it.
  • Enable button "Relative Paths". With that you can move your files to another location without loosing the links.
  • Navigate to the SaveLoader.blend file location.
  • Click on SaveLoader click on Group select SaveLoader.
  • Click on Load Library.

SaveLoaderLinking 0 append

  • Back to the 3D view we add the group SaveLoader by <space>Add->Group->SaveLoader->SaveLoader
  • Now you see an empty named SaveLoader.
  • Move the empty to an layer that you don't need. It is just a placeholder for the linked library and not necessary for the game.

SaveLoaderLinking 1 addGroupInstance