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The very very basics of the Blender Game Engine.

Workout: Cube in MotionEdit

First Step: Create a Cube(Press Spacebar->Add->Cube).
Step Two: Press N and set LocZ to 3.000.
Step Three: Create a Plane(Spacebar->Add->Plane).
Step Four: Swich to Camera View(Numpad 0) and rotate(R-key) the cube a little bit(+/- 45 degrees).
Step Five: Go to the Logic Setting(F4) with the Cube still selected.
Step Six: Press the Actor Button then Dynamic then Rigid Body.
Step Seven: Set Size to 1.200
Step Eight: Press the Bounds Button and select from the drop-down menu "Box".
Step Nine: Press Alt-Z(textured mode)
Step Ten: Press P on your keyboard.

!!Enjoy your first game!!

NB: If you go to the World Buttons(the globe button) Swich the drop-down menu with something called Sumo to Bullet.
Press P again

Info: PhysicsEdit

You just used the Blender Physics.
The Blender Physics Engine is a simulation engine for objects.
It makes objects interact with the enviorment. Like blowing away at a explosion(explosion sphere is a simple solution).

There are two physic methods.

Sumo, old and not is so realistic
Bullet, new and is realistic

Sumo is not up-to-date anymore.
Bullet is brand-new. It came into Blender at version 2.41.

With the Physics you can make realistic object-to-enviorment interaction and create great realism in a game with explosions and boxes to shoot away.

"The limit of GameBlender is your imagination"

NB: Note that a big enviorment with many physical objects can cost more CPU than a small enviorment.

Info: Logic BricksEdit

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