FPS templatesEdit

BGE FPS Template 12/28/06 by social

Simpler FPS Template (Version: 2.3a2) by Raiderium

Another Fps Template by moffboffjoe

FPS Template by korwegian

FPS game level template - under ground tunnels by JESUSFRK14

TPS templatesEdit

Third person template2.0 - Advanced by cray

Third person template by Enjay

Screenshots - Template Third person adventure by cray

Simpler Third-Person Template by Raiderium

FPS template using latest BGE features - no python scripting by ben2610

Updated FPS template by B3D00

3rd Person Adventure Game Template (WIP #1) by blendenzo

2D TemplatesEdit

The Dragon's 2D game template(9th release, more platform/wall colors, enemy shadows) by Cyborg Dragon

2D wheeled thing template/game. by Raiderium

2d Shooter template demo by skullbunny

Network TemplatesEdit

Network Multiplayer Template (Server X Thin Client) - WIP by morgade

Other TemplatesEdit

Basic Spaceship Game Template by benedict

Hack'n Slash Template & 2 tutorials by Alewinn

Sketch GRAPHICAL EFFECT template by LATD.gamer

Cityscape WEAPONS-PLAYER template by LATD.gamer

GUI Template by Richard Perkins

IPO-Player Template by Azan

Turntable template by teppic

Super Ball World: Template. Motion blur included. by Raiderium

RTS Camera Template (Update - 1/8/09) by Stu_Flowers

Helicopter Template by OTO

Switch Weapon Template - w/ a Few Questions by Ace24

raceboat template (New Template: 1.4) RAMP FIX by yournamehere

Level Editor Template by -Killer-

Offroad truck game template by hellork

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